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What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing Structural Integration was developed over 50 years ago by biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Rolfing is a principles-based system of hands-on manipulation and movement education designed to release chronic strain, improve movement, improve general posture and restore adaptive capacity, all while enhancing the client’s kinaesthetic awareness and consequently the person’s all-round health. Clients often report feeling lighter, taller, have less pain and move easier. 

What happens during a session?

Treatments usually last 75-90 minutes. During the sessions the Rolfer® applies pressure with fingertips, hands, knuckles, and elbows to work on the client. The client may be asked to make synchronized movements while the practitioner is applying a force to the tissue. This combination of applied pressure and synchronized response helps the client make connections to their structure and increases their body awareness. Clients may report a sensation of a restored freedom of movement to the body. Rolfers will then help educate clients in ways of using this new found freedom. Rolfing is often described as uncomfortable and you may find some areas of your body are more sensitive than others. However Rolfing has evolved since it was first practiced and the range and depth of touch varies with each practitioner. It is no longer considered painful and any slight discomfort normally preludes a sense of relief. Movement education and pain science have also become more integrated into the Rolfing training and practitioners do not simply use deep manual pressure to stimulate changes. 

What conditions can Rolfing® help?

Rolfing is not aimed at alleviating specific conditions, but many people find they gain relief from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, experience greater range of motion, improved athletic performance, increased breathing capacity and improved posture. Rolfing can also ease symptoms of stress, and has been helpful in relieving headaches, digestive problems. With the body in a state of balance a person’s nervous system, organs, mind, and natural healing system can function more efficiently. Many clients claim that besides feeling physically more strong, supple, and energetic, they also feel more confident and positive.